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Writer of same sex romance, science fiction, and fantasy

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Captured by a pirate queen, traders Ish and Finn face the choice of a life of slavery or joining her team. When Finn seems tempted by the recruitment offer, Ish can only assume his husband is going crazy.

M/M Space Opera


Out now from JMS Books

An alien race is trying to take ownership of the Earth, decades after rescuing the survivors of an attack which killed most of humanity. The oldest woman alive, one of the last Earth-born humans, gathers a group to launch the smallest ever invasion of the deserted planet, in a bid to reclaim their lost home. 

Space Opera


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Coming Soon

Three Times Elspeth Harris Rode to Town

Three summer weddings bring Elspeth to town, kindling an urge in Rose to learn more about her. Rose learns they have many ideas in common, and hopes she can learn Elspeth’s secrets before summer ends.

F/F Western


Coming May 25th 2024

Backlist Bonanza!

I'm republishing my older M/M romances with JMS Books.

Latest Releases

Liar's Waltz now on wide release 

Stowaway  now on Amazon and available on Kindle Unlimited

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