Becky Black

Writer of same sex romance, science fiction, and fantasy

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The Haunted Diamond
Jewel thefts! Ancient curses! Flappers!
A historical paranormal F/F
romance set in the roaring 20s.

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Coming in January 2024

Palace Ghosts

M/M Space Opera

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Backlist Bonanza!

I'm republishing my older M/M romances with JMS Books.

Latest re-release: Dream for Me
See the Re-Release Schedule Page for more.

Carrying a stolen diamond across the Atlantic to New York is already a stressful job for jewel thief Bobbie. She didn’t reckon on also dealing with Iandara, the temporarily-corporeal ghost bound to the cursed stone and determined to destroy it. Or with her double-crossing ex-partner, Frances, out to steal it. What’s a girl to do? Not fall in love. That would be a terribly silly thing to do.

Published  by JMS Books