Becky Black

Writer of same sex romance, science fiction, and fantasy

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Exiles is volume 1 of a 2 volume story - the second book will be out in June.

Javi didn’t intend to kill a soldier. Arien doesn’t want to be assassinated. So entry-level jobs aboard a cargo freighter provide the best route off planet for a pair of fugitives. Javi also didn’t intend to fall in love with the freighter’s First Mate, Razz Jensen. Arien wants to find Tapuh, their bodyguard and fiance. But when they do, it only leads them to a new destiny they never wanted.

To Feed on Dreams is a 2 volume space opera, with m/m and ace romances, that should be read in order.

Book 1: Exiles - Out Now

Book 2: The Way Back - June 2023