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Palace Ghosts

 Space husbands versus the pirate queen!

Captured by a pirate queen, traders Ish and Finn face the choice of a life of slavery or joining her team. When Finn seems tempted by the recruitment offer, Ish can only assume his husband is going crazy.

M/M Space Opera

Out now from JMS Books

Vacant Possession

An alien race is trying to take ownership of the Earth, decades after rescuing the survivors of an attack which killed most of humanity. The oldest woman alive, one of the last Earth-born humans, gathers a group to launch the smallest ever invasion of the deserted planet, in a bid to reclaim their lost home. 

Space Opera

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Backlist Bonanza!

I'm republishing my older M/M romances with JMS Books.
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When evidence emerges hinting that a long lost starship wasn’t destroyed after all, Ishir Jha has to investigate. His father sent the last desperate message from the ship before it was lost in a battle with pirates. Ish must learn the truth, even if he has to do it alone. But his husband Finn Moran isn’t going to let him run off alone and get killed in the outer system, where the influence of the Li pirate empire is spreading again. This time under the command of the daughter of the warlord who once terrorized the colonies and the ships that plied their trade there. But Li Xhing doesn’t want to terrorize. She wants to rule.

When Finn and Ishir end up as prisoners at Li’s stronghold, The Red Palace, Finn appears ready to accept a recruitment offer to join their captor’s ranks, since the other alternative is a life of slavery. Ishir can only wonder if his husband is losing his mind. But thanks to Finn, plans are being laid elsewhere, to breach the Red Palace’s impenetrable defensive barrier. One that only a few people can navigate, all of them ready to die before giving up the secret. The plans that will change the destiny of the whole outer system and set Finn and Ishir onto a whole new path.

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Vacant Possession

Eighty years ago, hostile aliens scoured most of humanity from the surface of the Earth with a monstrous weapon that left the planet uninhabitable for humans. Friendly alien rescuers helped the survivors build a refuge on the moon and people from all over the world united in this new home they called Tranquillity City. 

Only a handful of the original survivors are still alive. Now the city is populated by their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Most of those don't even think about their ancestral home planet.

But when the oldest human alive learns that the same aliens who rescued the last human survivors are petitioning the galactic court to allow them to take ownership of the uninhabited Earth, she knows what has to be done to reclaim their lost home planet.

It's time for humans to invade the Earth.

Out now from Amazon - and available on Kindle Unlimited

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