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Writer of same sex romance, science fiction, and fantasy

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There had never been as much excitement in the town of Ghostbrook as there was the day Elspeth Harris faced trial for shooting a man. But it’s a clear case of self-defense, and she’s soon free to attend a wedding, where she meets Rose O’Sullivan, the town’s only seamstress, and engages her to make some unusual alterations.

Rose knows Elspeth has a secret she is protecting, one Rose has only seen hints of. As a lover of dime novels and tales of adventure, Rose’s imagination runs wild. Could Elspeth be a government agent? An undercover lady Pinkerton?

When they meet again at another wedding and share confidences about their lives and the difficulties of being a woman alone in the world, Rose grows ever more intrigued by the mysterious Elspeth. What secrets lie behind her beautiful, but aloof exterior?

Rose will finally learn those secrets when the third wedding of the summer comes around and with it, a bold proposal.

F/F Western/Historical Novella

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JMS Books

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Captured by a pirate queen, traders Ish and Finn face the choice of a life of slavery or joining her team. When Finn seems tempted by the recruitment offer, Ish can only assume his husband is going crazy.

M/M Space Opera


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An alien race is trying to take ownership of the Earth, decades after rescuing the survivors of an attack which killed most of humanity. The oldest woman alive, one of the last Earth-born humans, gathers a group to launch the smallest ever invasion of the deserted planet, in a bid to reclaim their lost home. 

Space Opera


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Backlist Bonanza!

I'm republishing my older M/M romances with JMS Books.

Latest Releases

Liar's Waltz now on wide release 

Stowaway  now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited - going wide on 3rd of August

Higher Ground now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

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